Our company was founded in 1979 by Adolf Haupert in Lombard, Illinois.

Originally named Allstate Saws, Inc., Adolf started the business by sharpening cold saws and friction saw blades. Over time he began selling used saws and became a member of MDNA (Machinery Dealers National Association) through his association with Al Szarek of Westbrook Engineering of Detroit. He specialized in rebuilding and modifying Trennjaeger cold saws for a variety of applications particularly cutting bar grating. In addition to selling cold saws Allstate sold and rebuilt sharpeners including Heller, Schmidt Tempo, Vollmer and others.

In January 2001 Adolf retired and the assets were purchased by Tom Hoffmann, a 16 year employee, and his brother Bob. The company was moved to Aurora, Illinois and merged with a machine shop and renamed Allstate Saws and Machining.

We have used Trennjaeger, Eisele, and Kaltenbach cold saws in stock along with Heller, Schmidt Tempo, Vollmer and other used saw sharpeners. We manufacture spare parts for Trennjaeger cold saws, Schmidt Tempo and Heller sharpeners. We have the capability of rebuilding cold saws and sharpeners and can reverse engineer your hard to find parts including gears and cams.


Bob (far left in blue) and Tom (far right in red)

Pictured are eight of the nine Hoffmann cousins including Bob and Tom.